Four Reasons The Nigerian Government Needs To Improve Its Data Gathering System

Nigeria has never had a reliable or workable data system if you go down memory lane. The importance of data can’t be overemphasised. There are innumerable and complex factors preventing the country from having one.

This is why different government parastatals are always collecting data. So, it is very key for the government to improve its data gathering which in turn will better our data system. Jumia Travel, gathers 4 reasons the Nigerian government needs to improve its data gathering system. Even with the entry of technology, the government still struggles to gather details of every Nigerian and other essential data that are required for the government to make informed decisions.

Plans will be coordinated

The Nigerian budget is based on estimates. We don’t have the actual number of barrels of crude oil the country produces daily. We don’t know the demographics of Nigerians: how many are married, or single, or those who need jobs. If all this information is available, the government will be able to effectively plan and provide Nigerians with infrastructure that they need and not what they think they need.

Projects will have developmental impacts

With data correctly gathered, the government will know what each Nigerian wants. The government will know where to site hospitals, schools and other developmental projects that will have the desired impact on the people.  

They will make informed decisions

Good and workable data at the disposal of government will help them make informed decisions. But when it is incomplete, or unavailable, decisions will be based on perception or fallacies and not facts.

Better fund management

Funds will be better deployed and spent if there is enough data. This is because the government will be aware of what the people want.


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