Life Of a Lagos Bachelor (1): A Novice

Everyone says to be a man is not easy. Yes, I agree. But, it is difficult and more challenging to be a bachelor from Nigeria residing in a fast paced, chaotic and ‘crazie’ city like Lagos.You do not dull and you have to shine your eyes like they say in the local parlance.

In Lagos, you have to struggle for everything especially if you are from a middle income home like me.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Since, I left university, I had been fending for myself. I also recognize that some Nigerians have been fending for themselves far longer.

As a young man, I couldn’t wait to leave my father’s house. Damn! I was tired. Tired of my father’s controlling tendencies, and my mother’s you are still my child, you sucked my breast for 9 months! Typical African parents! I love them though.  

I also had this fantasy about bringing women to my room to have s*x with them when I finally rent my apartment. Hmm…

Then, the opportunity came. I got some cash from an insurance savings, combined it with my fairly sizeable salary, I rented a room and a parlour at Somolu.

Of course,  you know how much this cost me. I was financially wrecked. Luckily, for me, I was on leave through out my rent and financial escapades. Thank God I have an understanding BAE. Lol.

If you have rented an apartment in Lagos, you should be aware of the ‘nefarious’ and ‘evil’ activities of agents. They are the ones who receive the agent fee for simply searching for a house for you. This is unacceptable and I wish their activities will be regulated by the Lagos state government.

It was time to move to my new apartment. I don’t own a car yet. But, I reached out to my ‘goons‘ who own cars to assist me but they were busy. I got a promise and fail guy who swore by heaven and earth that he will come on Saturday. I had contacted him since on Wednesday and he kept postponing.

He eventually called me at 4:30 pm while I was watching my beloved Liverpool and apologized that he wasn’t coming.

I was confused, anxious and worried about many things especially the men in black who are experts in collecting N50 at illegal checkpoints and how I will get a cab to move my things. I had to move at the late hour…

What do you think? Do you have a bachelor story? Please drop your comments and send emails to


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