5 Great Signs Lagos is Becoming a 24-Hour-City

Lagos no doubt has a vibrant and active nightlife. There are all-night party hubs, hotels like the Ibis Ikeja, eateries and other places that have made it easier for night predators to indulge.

However, for Lagos to truly achieve its metropolitan status, it must have a night economy that goes beyond simply partying. The fact is extending late night hours automatically extends any city’s economy and also provides much-needed jobs.


Although Lagos is showing signs of becoming a 24hour city in order to join other cities that never sleep like New York, Montevideo, Madrid, Beirut, Paris, Cairo, Marrakech, Mumbai, Las Vegas and Buenos Aires, there is so much to do especially in the area of creating a conducive business environment. So what are some of these signs that Lagos is showing to becoming a city that functions round-the-clock? Jumia Travel, Africa’s no 1 hotel booking portal shares some of them.

You can find your way no matter the time you arrive

In some Nigerian cities, you cannot move around indiscriminately especially in the night. Although carefree movement in the night is not advisable in Lagos, you can still find your way if you arrive in the night especially at busy Lagos hubs like Oshodi, Ojota, and Bergers amongst others.

The markets are ‘always’ open

People are always transacting businesses in major markets in the city. These markets never shut. So, depending on your location in the city, you can purchase anything you want even at the dead of the night. Night shopping is cheaper and less stressful.

Safe and secure

Today, in Lagos, the city is reasonably safe and secure compared to other cities of Nigeria. In almost every nook and cranny, you will  find checkpoints. Even though the Nigerian police can be uncanny and intimidating sometimes, you can be assured of your safety if you go about your business legally. Safety and security are key to becoming a 24hourcity.

Infrastructure development

Projects like the Eko Atlantic City, the Red and Blue Rail lines, Lekki Deep Sea Port, massive street lighting and the Public Mass Transit are some of the support infrastructures that Lagos needs to become a round-the-clock city. With these and more similar projects, Lagos will definitely compete with other 24hour-cities in the nigh future.

Lagos is Nigeria’s heartbeat

Lagos is undoubtedly the heartbeat and economic nerve centre of Nigeria. It is a melting pot where you find all Nigerian tribes and everyone wants to come to the city because it has something to offer for everyone. Being economically viable will make it easier for the city to function 24-hours non-stop.


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